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Airbank Technologies is a leading provider of payment technology along with marketing services that intergates with brand, advertising located in Vancouver, BC. AirBank Technologies jointed with OTT Pay to develop two of China’s largest social media platform WeChat & Alipay aiming to connect Chinese consumers’ immense spending power with local merchants in Canada through WeChat and Alipay payment system. This achievement indicates AirBank Technologies will fully utilize its advantages by bringing 840 million+ WeChat users and 400 million+ alipay users to Canada’s tourism economy.

Airbank Technologies believes advertising should be a force for good. The best communication is simple and clear; while the most effective persuasion if to be relevant, authentic and inspring.

We celebrate everyday through imaginative communications that inspires people and profits our clients. We collaborate the boundaries of marketing and advertising working with all mediums and provide a result for people who trust us.

OTT Pay is a financial payment institution registered in Canada under OTT Group since 2006, serving more than 10,000 high net worth clients, with near 100 employees, 3 branches at GTA, and over 50,000 square feet office space across Canada. OTT has been dedicated to introduce Chinese customers and fund resources into Canada market, contributing its expertise to Canada-China trade, tourism and investment.
OTT Pay recently signed a cooperation agreement with China’s largest social media platform WeChat & Alipay, OTT Pay will introduce the Chinese widely used mobile payment and WeChat promotion platform into Canadian tourism to boost shopping consumption. Through WeChat’s social media platform, Canadian products, tourist attractions and school education will be promoted to the 840 million Chinese consumer group, attracting more Chinese customers to travel and spend in Canada. Meanwhile Chinese consumers do not have to bring lots of cash and all kinds of bank cards limited to use in the Canada, but complete all kinds of consumer behavior using only WeChat Pay & Alipay online or in the store.

Our Services

Wechat Payment Solution

Set up Wechat Pay to connect with chinese customers by receiving cad with local merchants by OTTPay QR Code, Scanning in Retail or Gateway API for Online businesses.

AliPay Payment Solution

Set up Ali Pay to connect with Chinese customers by receiving cad with local merchants by OTTPay QR Code, Scanning in Retail or Gateway API for Online businesses.

WeChat eCommerce

To help local customers make purchases online easily through WeChat and also help local merchant's promote their products.

WeChat Account Management

Ability to create WeChat advertorials and manage company's WeChat account to ensure promotions are distributed.

Receipt Paper Advertisement

Promoting local merchants & companies with an easy integration to customer's daily purchases.

Wechat Official Authorization

To provide canadian authorization for existing or new Wechat Official Accounts with the ability to accept payments of cad dollars.

WeChat KOL Service

To help local merchants & companies seek and set up a marketing plan for local KOL promotion.

WeChat Mini App

To create and develop within WeChat's application to cater industry's needs.

Wechat Promotion Event

Online and Offline events with the intergration of Lucky Money (HongBao) event and official Wechat promotions.

Partnership Opportunies

We are open for partnership! If you have merchant resources anywhere in Canada, please contact us. We will provide a generous partnership opportunity for you, look forward for your interest to join.




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